Why Trust Markitu To Help Your Business?

We are transparent with our customers

Cancel Anytime

Month by month contracts. Cancel anytime for any reason and get your money back.

Flexible Plans

Flexible payment options. You're never tied down to a price you aren't happy with.

Personal Support

You work closely with your own American based consultant. No call center. No getting bounced around. Just your personal consultant and their supervisor to provide more support.

More than leads

Our goal is to increase the overall bottom line of the companies we work with. We do this by combing lead generation with branding and customer retention.


Whenever we can, we use local videographers, artist, and resources for your marketing campaigns. We find that people still enjoy a friendly feel. Your dollars support your local communities.


Hiring is an additional service we provide. Our overall goal is to increase applications and long term employees

Revolutionizing Business Marketing

Markitu Marketing has been active in the online industry for over 10 years. In that time we’ve managed 100’s of ad campaigns, and our work speaks for itself. Our social media management services save businesses more time and generate more results. Our company excels in Facebook Marketing, Text Message Marketing and Google Marketing services. We’ve served a large variety of clients, including but not limited to doctors, contractors, magazines, e-commerce companies, none profit organizations, restaurants, and musicians.


Our Vision: Save Time & Increase Bottom Line


To understand our vision you have to first understand the core areas of business. We believe that no matter the type of business, all successful companies and organizations follow a very basic structure; Branding, Sales, Product/Service, Retention.We also believe many businesses fail because the company only has enough time or knowledge to focus on some of these aspects. We understand that as a business owner when you pick a marketing company you want someone who you can metaphorically give $1 to and in turn give you $3 to $5 back. Simply put: what is my return on investment? Many marketing companies simply focus on branding, which does generate leads for businesses, however, we focus on not only branding but sales and retention as well. We trust that you’ll have the 4th piece covered. Our vision is to increase your overall bottom line by focusing on these 3 things.

We use a combination of landing pages & websites, social media, PPC campaigns, online listing management, review management, and direct mail campaigns to generate and qualify leads. No one industry or location is going to have the same successful marketing scheme. We customize each marketing campaign based off of your customer demographics and spending habits. We optimize the effectiveness of your ad campaigns up to 12 times a month to provide the best quality of leads.

Sales, on the other hand, is more of a personal training program we provide to all of our clients. We provide tips, formulas, & training for your sales department to increase close ratio and ticket price. Though ultimately we can’t close the deals for you, providing resources and research that will help you close sales and or upsell more products is the goal here.

Finally, we keep your customers on a “hamster wheel” of your brand by retargeting them through email & text marketing and targeted loyalty campaigns. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, but in today’s world, you have to remind people of your brand for that word of mouth to spread. Other brands are constantly trying to erase the memory of you from your consumer’s minds.

The Complete Package

We optimize all 4 aspects below to deliver the best results
Website & Landing Page Design

Website & Landing Page Design

Search Engine Optimized & Conversion Rate Optimized

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Marketing Specialist

We use a combination of social media marketing, google adwords, email and text message marketing depending on the industry to target & retarget your customer base.



Marketing Specialist

Online branding is the meat and bones of your marketing program. How people feel about your business and how you and your audience interacts is important. It's how people know you're still in business

Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Increase Reviews & Referrals

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Minimum 3x ROI Money Back Guaranteed

Want To See Our Results?

When you get the whole package deal the results speak for themselves

Don't want to buy the whole package?

That's okay, we offer our two main services a la carte. All of our websites are custom made and SEO and CRO optimized to deliver the best results. Our leads are people who showed direct interest or need in your service. We do not provide leads to all industries a la carte. This is because some industries require more relationship building before a quality lead is procreated. Contact us to find our if we cover your area industry.

Websites & Landing Pages


  • SEO Optimized
  • CRO Optimized
  • Branded Email
  • Fast Load Times
  • HD images
  • YOU Own all the work
Ready-To-Buy Leads

Starting at $20

  • Price depends on industry, season, and location.
  • $200 set up fee
  • Ready-To-Buy Leads when you need them
  • Vetted for quality
  • Fresh contacts. Leads are never more than a few days old.
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Here are some examples of current clients. Feel free to call them if you would like a testimonial.
Parenting Children with Special Needs (PCWSN)

Parenting Children with Special Needs (PCWSN)

Magazine & Resource Guide

We created an interactive website, digital magazine, and promoted ad sales. With us they are able to open a new market

Donny Cruz Painting & Roofing

Donny Cruz Painting & Roofing

General contractor

We created highly converting sales funnels and targeting & retargeting video ad campaigns on social media to deliver qualified leads.

Pacific Island Soy Sauce

Pacific Island Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce Manufacture

We managed social media, created and managed an e-commerce website, and did large brand awareness campaigns to generate sales throughout the country.

Core Medical Center


We used social media management and video advertisement campaigns to generate new clients and improve customer retention

Fine Lines Tattoos & Designs

Hairstylist & Tattoo Artist

Developed an SEO optimized website to showcase artwork, schedule appointments, and attract new customers

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